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Defending Speech

In response to the letter “Demand doesn’t justify porn shops” (April 3 Reader Views), let me first answer the writer’s question: Yes, Charlie O’Hara would zealously argue for your right to display the Ten Commandments on your property, or any other property where the owner gives you permission to do so. He would argue that you could display the Commandments on billboards or even on the side of city-owned buses, since that space is open to the public. Such a religious-specific message only becomes questionable if on publicly owned property like City Hall, the courthouse or public parks. Because then there is an inference that the government is promoting the religion.

I know O’Hara; I practiced law with him for 23 years. He is not a consumer of porn nor is he a patron of adult theaters or strip clubs. He is a devout Christian and is a respected and active member of his church. However, he believes deeply in protecting the rights of others, even if the exercise of those rights may be objectionable or offensive to some people. O’Hara is not just arguing zealously for those unpopular or controversial businesses for the sake of those businesses, but to protect your rights, too.


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